31.11.2017 : Kim Chaek University

A VR experience linked to the project A North Korean Virtual Travel Diary signed by Léa Rogliano, made in collaboration with Christophe Boucher.

In 2014, I undertook a special kind of trip. I decided to go virtually to the last country in the world without Internet users: North Korea. For almost a year, I surfed the web compulsively. I compiled all the documents I could find about the country. And then one day, I checked into Yanggakdo Hotel, a three-star hotel located on Yanggak Island, right in the middle of the capital. From that moment on I stayed in my room and watched Pyongyang from the window of the hotel. Experience 31.11.2017 : Kim Chaek University begins on the roof of Yanggakdo Hotel. The visitor contemplates the urban landscape that surrounds it. Then he jumps, flies over the river bank of the Taedong and enters a building in which few tourists are interested: the Kim Chaek University of Technology. This immersive experience is a working tool. I think of it as a sensory database where I store part of my documentary research. Data, landscape and sensation complement each other and create a new way of understanding a search and a thought.