14.12.2017, † Net Neutrality in United States †

Introduction /

December 2017. We are appalled by the US decision to abolish net neutrality. We have decided to act and created this interface : a political reverie. We meet with associations defending digital freedoms. We take on board their feedback about our first prototype. We continue to work, this time imagining ourselves in the shoes of an activist. In the process, we create the Singularities / Tech collective. Singularities / Tech dedicates its creations to the promotion of digital freedoms and highlighting the changes – social, political, economic, environmental – brought about by advances in new technologies.

Description of the experience /

The visitor puts on his headset. He finds himself in Place du Luxembourg, Brussels, not far from the European Parliament. He is sitting in the grass. It’s lunchtime. At his feet, the visitor sees: a sandwich, an apple, a book by Bernard Stiegler and an Iphone. The visitor puts himself into the shoes of a digital freedoms campaigner. It’s a bad day for him: Net neutrality has just been repealed in the United States. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has folded. To clear his head, he tries to imagine that a beautiful brunette is sitting near him. Nothing can be done, spirits are low. He remembers the speech of one of the pioneers of the defence of digital freedoms, John Perry Barlow. Times have changed.

The experience 14.12.2017 is  a work in progress that’s updated at each exhibition. It’s built over time and thanks to the donations of its contributors.